Bonda I Benson

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Bonda Book No III by the unique artist BENSON


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BONDA - deutsche Ausgabe leider ausverkauft - only available in English! A Bondage Fantasy by Larry Lane and K. Valéry; illustrated by master Simon Benson. Bonda is a dominant bondage masters' dream: Absolutely submissive, eager to explore the most bizarre erotic fantasies, and equipped with an almost endless ability to suffer. Witness her incredible career from student of erotic art to a full blown rubber bondage doll. She becomes a genuine work of art herself, a rubber bondage object, a msturbation device, teetering on ballerina stilts, trapped in an underwater cocoon, a dildo testing-object for cruel dominatrixes, sealed in a plastic wrap, plaster and moulded rubber, a living barbie doll, and ultimately, the bondage bride of her master... 100 pages A5, with 34 full page illustrations!

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