VIVISHINE replaces typical latex care products such as silicon spray, creme or polishing stuff. Its very easy to use and efficient. VIVISHINE provides a long-lasting gloss to latex outfits an keeps them gracefully as on the first day.

VIVIDRESS is the ideal dressing aid for all latex and rubber clothing. It is friendly to the skin and very viscously to simplify dressing up. Slightly pressing the oval bottle allows to dispense Vividress directly onto the skin or latex.

VIVICLEAN is the perfect washing lotion for latex gear and toys. Intensive cleaning and careful treatment of the latex. Very skin-friendly and easily to rinse.

VIVISHINE fresh up optimizes the latex shine with a single wipe. IT is the ideal and practical supplement for parties, shooting or outdoor. The impregnated cloth in the single pack avoids leakage and spray dust.

VIVISHINE spray is ideal for re-polishing to a perfect shine using a damp cloth. The fine spray dust can be applied exactly where you want it supported by priecise dosage with the spray head.

VIVIWIPE is the ideal polishing cloth for all latex surfaces. It works with all Vivishine products and also with traditional silicon oils. The best result can be achieved by using the Vivishine spray. A perfect dry high gloss appearance for several hours.

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